Christina Perri shared a heartbreaking update on her motherhood journey and disclosed that she "lost" her child.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old singer told her followers that she and her husband, Paul Costabile, suffered from a major loss.

"last night we lost our baby girl. she was born silent after fighting so hard to make it to our world. she is at peace now and will live forever in our hearts," she penned on the emotional post.

In the same update, Perri attached a picture of her holding her baby's tiny hand.

Perri's Pregnancy Journey

The tragic news came after she was first admitted to the hospital early this month due to pregnancy complications.

Ever since she announced her pregnancy in July, the singer-songwriter has continuously faced health issues that made her pregnancy a little difficult. Initially, she told her fans that she was expecting to deliver her baby during her third trimester.

"Hey friends. Well, nothing ever goes as we plan. Baby is having an issue, so I'm gonna be here till it's time for baby to come out. Which might have to be very soon. Which is very early," she said on her Instagram Story, per Extra TV.

At that time, she asked her followers for prayer and support amid the hardships she had been facing.

Unfortunately, last Friday, things got even worse for the mother and baby. According to Perri, her baby would need to undergo emergency surgery soon after her birth.

The singer added that her baby was suffering from jejunal atresia, a congenital disability.

"We met with the surgeon and she's amazing. Baby has jejunal atresia but we won't know how severe til [sic] surgery," she wrote in another update.

Jejunal atresia is a type of birth defect wherein the baby's small intestines fail to develop properly. In this case, the membrane that connects the small intestines to the mesentery (abdominal wall) is partially or entirely absent.

Despite the alarming news, Christina assured everyone at that time that she and her baby were doing okay.

However, her next post only disclosed that their supposed rainbow baby did not make it.

Before Perri and her husband lost their baby, she already suffered from a miscarriage at 11 weeks last January

"We were only 1 week away from sharing the news so i feel like it's also important to share this news too. I want to continue to help change the story & stigma around miscarriage, secrecy and shame," she wrote in a Twitter statement. 

Costabile and Perri got married on December 12, 2017. The pair currently shares one daughter, 2-year-old Carmela.

Friends, Fans Embrace Christina Perri Virtually

After delivering her devastating news, her friends and fans quickly showered her with support and love amid the tragic loss.

Amanda Kloots wrote a heartwarming message on the comment section of her post and said, "Oh my mama. I'm beyond sorry for your loss. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Holding your family in my heart."

"keep your head up. we love you so much. sending love your way. love love love you and ur family," one of her fans said.

Another one wrote, "I am so so sorry. Sending prayers and love to you and your family."

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