"The Mandalorian" Chapter 13 revealed a surprising treat for fans, answering the biggest mystery of the show involving Baby Yoda.

Apparently, the Child--who is often referred to by fans as baby Yoda--has a name.

In one of the episodes titled "The Jedi," the sci-fi series unveiled Baby Yoda's name, which is Grogu.

Fans React To Baby Yoda's Real Name

However, fans have some mixed reactions towards Baby Yoda's real name.

There are some who seemed to be thrilled with the show's new update.

"We finally know his name! Raised at the Jedi Temple in Coruscant. GROGU" one wrote, while a second fan also echoed the same response and tweeted: "TONIGHT IS THE RISE OF GROGU LETS FUCKING GO."

Meanwhile, an individual appeared to be surprised by the news and even called it a "perfect name" for the character.


On the other hand, a fan expressed her sadness over Grogu's dark past. "Baby Yoda's name is GROGU?! And he has a tragic backstory?!" she tweeted.

Unfortunately, not all viewers shared the same point of view, with one fan calling the name "awful."

"I'm sorry, but Grogu is just awful. I guess I wanted him to be called Mitch or something no Grogu."

For what it's worth, one user pointed out that Jedi names are quite bizarre and far from the usual: "These new star wars fans are terrible, ALL JEDI NAMES ARE LIKE THIS, pong krell, terra sinuba, qui gon, yaddle, seasetin, kit fisto, luminara, yarell poof etc."

Meanwhile, another fan refused to call the character by his name and insisted on referring to him as Baby Yoda.

"I ain't calling him Grogu or anything. He'll always be Baby Yoda," the fan posted.

Grogu's Dark Background

Aside from the revelation of the Child's name, "The Mandalorian" also revealed that Grogu used to live on planet Coruscant and had a pretty sad and tragic life.

He was trained by "many masters" at the Jedi Temple and was hidden from the Imperials who wished to kill him.

In the series, Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, explained why the youngling opted not to use the Force most of the time.

Apparently, Grogu learned to conceal his powers to remain hidden from enemies searching for him.

Furthermore, sensing a great fear and anger in him, Ahsoka declined to train Grogu but advised Mando, the human male Mandalorian (played by Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal) to move the youngling to an ancient Jedi temple located on the planet Tython.

"Someone took him from the temple," Ahsoka told Mando, "then his memory becomes dark."

There, Grogu needs to decide whether to follow the path of the Jedi or live his life like a Mandalorian.

Aside from revealing Baby Yoda's dark past, Ahshoka and Mando were seen attempting to defeat the evil tyrant Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, portrayed by Diana Lee Inosanto.

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