Beyonce continues to conquer our 2021 Grammy Awards prediction. This time, with "Black is King."

When the Recording Academy announced the nominees for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, Beyonce led the race again with nine nodsHer nominations include a spot in the best music film category, thanks to her documentary "Black is King."

For what it's worth, "Black is King" is facing four of the best musical films this year. Standing against Beyonce's masterpiece are Beastie Boy's "Beastie Boys Story," Freestyle Love Supreme's "We Are Freestyle Love Supreme." Linda Ronstadt's "Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice," and ZZ Top's "That Little Ol' Band from Texas."

Despite the tough competition, "Black is King" stands out in this 2021 Grammy Awards prediction for many good reasons.

Why "Black is King" Deserves a Grammy

In the 85-minute long film, Beyonce proved many things all at once--that she can do it all while still perfectly delivering the message she wants to tell the world.

On July 31, Disney+ unveiled "Black is King," which Queen Bey wrote, directed and produced herself.

Her dedication eventually gave birth to the flick, which showed how beautiful and powerful black is.

The Grammy-nominated music film is inspired by "The Lion King" 2019 remake. As we all know, the award-winning adventure film tackles the story of Simba, a young lion prince who leaves then comes back to the throne to reclaim what is his.

Meanwhile, Beyonce translated it into a moving and inspirational music film by applying the same plot in people's lives.

In "Black is King," the singer serves as the mother and narrator of a young African king who, like Simba, gets driven out of his world.

Through Beyonce's narration and songs, the young king faces ups and lows before realizing his power.

The said plot easily explains why black is king.

But if people choose to go deeper, everyone would realize that Beyonce aims to encourage Black people to see how mighty they can be despite racism and the negative narratives.

To tell how black can also be king breaks how the world sees Black people. In the past few years, Black people in the whole world have been suffering from institutionalized racism.

However, "Black is King" is a sumptuous feast that feeds everyone the truth--that Black people deserve to be respected, too.

Beyonce proudly reclaimed Black heritage for those abused and belittled, and this is something the 2021 Grammy Awards should see soon.

In addition, the film itself celebrates Black people despite the hardships and unfair treatment.

With "Black is King," Beyonce used her power as an influential star to put Africa as its front line, defending the Black ethnicity from racism.

This 2021 Grammy Awards prediction sees all the colors as royalties. With that said, this also shows how black is also glorious and great in its own way.

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