As John Legend's last name says, his works are legendary enough that his album, "Bigger Love," topped our 2021 Grammy Awards prediction.

For years, Legend has been giving his fans the best and real quality music. After serenading his supporters with his 2018 Christmas Album "A Legendary Christmas," he gave his fandom its successor album "Bigger Love."

On June 19, the 41-year-old singer-songwriter dropped his seventh studio album. As usual, Legend's gem outshined everything else.

And recently, the Recording Academy included "Bigger Love" to its list of nominees for the Best R&B Album. For the 2021 Grammy Awards, it is up against the other Best R&B albums in the industry, including Ant Clemon's "Happy 2 Be Here," Giveon's "Take Time," Luke James' "To Feel Loved," and Gregory Porter's "All Rise."

Aside from soothing one's soul, there are several reasons why "Bigger Love" is atop our 2021 Grammy Awards prediction.

Why John Legend Deserves a Grammy for "Bigger Love"

Out of five nominees for the Best R&B album, only John Legend's "Bigger Love" offers different stories to its listeners.

Within 55 minutes, the singer takes his fans to a different dimension while using his songs to uplift their moods. "Bigger Love" is a rollercoaster ride. The only difference is that it can make someone feel so deep--but it is the type of deepness his fans have been craving for.

In the seventh studio album, each song tackles different stories, from his love for his wife, his family, and his willingness to spread Black music.

Having such diverse music storylines makes his fans feel more welcome whenever they are listening to the album. It creates bridges and new doors so everyone can relate themselves to his life stories through modern R&B.

Most of the time, R&B songs speak of pure love. But Legend expands the meaning of love in "Bigger Love," as it becomes people's go-to album amid the health crisis.

"Bigger Love" is simply the love we are longing for from each other.

What makes the album more special than its competitors is Legend's voice. Through the years, the singer has been showing how his voice can change by being soulful.

Legend turns it into a more emotional album by filling in the spaces with falsettos and spine-shuddering lyrics.

That's what the world needs right now, doesn't it?

To find love in Legend's voice as it echos the devastating current events heals and protects at the same time. Thus, "Bigger Love" deserves to take home a trophy from the 2021 Grammy Awards.

John Legend is truly a gifted singer. With his enticing and flavorful "Bigger Love" album, he just positioned himself for another silverware on his trophy case.

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