Christmas is just around the corner and by now, despite all that is happening in the world, most would have put up their trees already. With that said, several decided to make their tree unique by making the Mandalorian's Baby Yoda a Christmas tree topper. 

Who Is Baby Yoda? 

Given how quickly the photos of the Christmas topper became viral, it can be surmised that the Disney+ character in "The Mandalorian" has its own strong following.

This is a mean feat considering how It has just been over a year since Baby Yoda became a staple on the show. Grogu has certainly become a household name as more episodes of the spin-off series go by. 

The love for the character can also be attributed to its mysteriousness. Even already on its second season, fans who adore the character does not even know that much about him.

"The Mandalorian" Season 2 is not yet giving much about Baby Yoda. When the character first appeared in the series, it can be remembered that the excitement for the character stemmed from some possibility that Yoda could still play a role in a new generation of the "Star Wars" series.

The original Jedi master already passed away in "Return of the Jedi" back in 1983. 

Despite some exciting moments in George Lucas' prequel trilogy, they were very brief. That said, before Baby Yoda, it has already become accepted that Yoda's days in the franchise are relatively over. 

But Favreau and his new vision for a character, who is fondly called Baby Yoda long before people found out his real name is Grogu, changed everything. 

Baby Yoda Tree Topper Is Trending

It's not clear who started the trend, but this is a new viral thing that people can certainly get on, as reported by Screen Rant

Kitten, or one of the Twitter users who made Baby Yoda her Christmas Tree topper, did not know her post will make many happy. But it certainly did. Baby Yodas of all sizes and appearances topped many's tree. 

This trend just adds to the many tributes made for Baby Yoda, as people does not seem to get tired of the character.  

There is now a range of fan art and merchandise created in honor of one of the cutest characters of "The Mandalorian" series as well. 

Some have trees so simple they would have been unnoticeable without Baby Yoda!

Check Out Baby Yoda Pictures Live 

The reaction to this latest Baby Yoday trend is undeniably  positive. Some said that it has certainly changed their year, which had been quite bleak because of the present pandemic. Some were even inspired to make their own. 

Google has vertainly picked up on Baby Yoda's popularity. Fans now have the chance to "summon" Baby Yoda, thanks to Google, as reported by Tech Cruch

The company has been stepping up with its augmented reality rollouts and this just might be the cutest project yet. Fans just need to go to the Google Browser through an iOS or Android device and have fun with Baby Yoda already.

Once in the browser, just search for Baby Yoda or the Child and click the "View in 3D" button. Interested fans just need to click the "View in Your Space" button and when their camera view pops up and figure out where the camera floor is, this beloved character will also appear. Cool. 

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