"The Office" just started its new year by releasing a cold open of Jim Halpert's final prank to Dwight Schrute.

The prank war between Jim (John Krasinsky) and Schrute (Rainn Wilson) never really subsided. In fact, the last prank Dwight suffered from apparently involved Halpert making him believe that he is in "The Matrix."

On the new year, the official Twitter account of Peacock showed a nearly-five-minute cold open to mark the series' migration to the site from Netflix.

"This is not a drill. Presenting a never-before-seen cold open from #TheOffice!" Peacock captioned the post.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the deleted "The Office" prank clip was initially scheduled to air as the series finale's cold open back in 2013.

Watch "The Office" Matrix Trick

In the said video, Jim and Pam (Jenna Fischer) worked together to pull a prank on Dwight by tricking him.

The pranksters used the scenes on the Wachowski siblings' 1999 sci-fi film where Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) learned that his life was constructed by machines.

To launch the hilarious mission, the two trained a black cat to walk past Dwight's office twice.

"Training the cat was both easier and more boring than I thought it would be. It basically involved putting down little piles of treats," Pam explained in the clip.

Dwight's desktop then turned black and got taken over by an unknown user, who typed "Have you ever felt that something was not right in the world?"

Jim and Pam even teamed up with Glenn (Calvin Tenner) and his twin brother, Ben, to make it more believable.

A few seconds later, Hank (Hugh Dane) dressed up as Dorpheus, Morpheus' brother, to convince Dwight to take the red pill.

However, the salesman unknowingly ruined the prank after choosing to stay in the Matrix instead.

In the end, the clip paid tribute to Dane who passed away in May 2018.

As the sitcom officially moved to Peacock, its loyal fans can still watch its first two seasons for free. However, they need to have a full subscription in order to watch the remaining seven seasons.

From Season 3 onward, fans will be able to see the "Superfan Episodes" that contain more deleted footage.

Peacock Receives Backlash

Despite NBC releasing the clip, the streaming site did not receive positive responses after taking the series away from Netflix and requiring everyone to subscribe to watch the whole series.

One fan said, "Only 2 seasons? Should I celebrate that I have to pay to see the office now?"

Another one wrote, "We went from free network TV w/commercials to paid cable with commercials to now paying for each channel, with commercials.Yay capitalism!!!"

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