"Riverdale" season 5 will offer long-time fans of the show a significant change as it will be jumping seven years into the future.

Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones, the fans' favorite characters, will be shown as adults.

After four successful seasons, the gang is finally out of school with new characters and plots on the way.

The Premiere of Veronica Lodge's Husband

Bad news for all Archie and Veronica shippers out there because one of the show's most popular couples will not be together on "Riverdale" season 5.

In fact, one of them is going to be married.

Deadline recently reported that a new cast member would be joining "Riverdale" season five and that will be Chris Mason, who will play Veronica (Camila Mendes') husband.

According to the outlet, Chris, who will play Chad Gekko, is a controlling and jealous spouse who has a very important job on Wall Street.

His last name Gekko is an obvious homage to Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, from the film "Wall Street."

Chris' character is also said to be an "alpha dog" who is not happy about his wife's friendship with her former love interest, Archie, played by KJ Apa.

Fans may recognize Chris Mason from the sequel of "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists" who played Nolan Hotchkiss.

The actor also had a role in the UK's show "Broacdchurch."

Dark Betty

A new trailer for "Riverdale" season five revealed a clip of Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, going to desperate lengths to save herself.

Betty, a high school student and an investigator, is known to have a "dark side" of herself, introduced during the show's first season.

Betty donned a black wig in the early episodes and wore lingerie as she almost drowned a person to get him to confess.

Later on, it was revealed that she might have inherited her dad's sociopathic tendencies.

The new trailer showed the blonde smartypants looking nervous but confident as she walked around her house as she clutched a gun.

Pregnancy On 'Riverdale' Season Five

Vanessa Morgan, playing the role of Toni Topaz, dropped a spoiler that her real-life pregnancy was written into the show.

In one Instagram post, she thanked the producers and the showrunner for "accommodating" her.

But how could it be possible if she is in a relationship with Cheryl Blossom, her love interest played by Madeleine Pesch?

No More Bughead

Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse, will not be with Betty Cooper anymore as reports said he would have a new girlfriend.

"Riverdale" season five will air on January 20, 2021.

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