The "Night Stalker" Netflix docuseries delved deep into the life story of a crime maniac, and it garnered some interesting reactions from critics.

On Wednesday, the streaming giant released "Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer." The series tells the story of Richard Ramirez, one of the most wanted and notorious serial killers in American history.

Although it mainly set Ramirez as its main character, the four-episode docuseries focused on the thorough examination of Los Angeles authorities on the killer's murder spree.

The creators used old interviews and footage from archives, as well as original photography, to put the story of the 13 victims together.

According to the series' director and executive producer, Tiller Russell, they tried to avoid putting the spotlight on the killer.

"It was profoundly important to me that this series was never about glorifying or romanticizing the killers," he said, per Border Report. "It unleashed this wave of terror across the city because anyone - man, woman or child - of any socioeconomic class or race could be next."

As the docuseries recalled the cruel summer that brought fears to Americans, critics shared their own "Night Stalker" reviews.

"Night Stalker" TV Show Deglamorized Ramirez' Crimes

In Stuart Jeffries' "Night Stalker" Netflix docuseries' review for The Guardian, he noted that Russell chose to highlight the heroes who participated in the investigation.

He compared it to the 2016 "The Night Stalker." In the film, Lou Diamond Phillips played the role of Ramirez, but the big difference was that the movie focused too much on the killer rather than his victims.

But through Russell's masterpiece, the world finally learned the stories of the killer's victims and the people who helped out to give them the justice they deserve.

Homicide detective Gil Carrillo and his partner, Frank Salerno, became the heroic protagonists in the series. This let the executive producer reach his goal.

"Having pleasurably terrified ourselves at the view, we console ourselves with the thought that justice ultimately prevailed and the culprit died in jail," Jeffries went on.

"Night Stalker" Netflix Docuseries Is EXTREMELY Terrifying

To see the crime personally might have truly scared the public, and recalling it once again can truly relive that feeling.

Alison Foreman of Mashable is one of the reviewers who experienced a rollercoaster ride while watching the true crime story.

Per Foreman, knowing the facts about the murders feels horrific.

At the same time, she applauded Russell and his team for writing and creating the narrative perfectly to offer a compelling docuseries.

"Distorted perspective on crime scene photos, scratchy audio clips of Ramirez himself, and a score that is unrelentingly agitating make Night Stalker a fresh take on an old subject," she said.

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