Several female-led films debuted in the industry last year, proving that women can also be the highlight of award shows. Even "Wonder Woman 1984" made it to the cut, specifically on the SAG Awards 2021.

The 27th Annual SAG Awards will soon honor the best achievers in film and TV for the year 2020.

Before the neck-and-neck battle on April 4, Lily Collins and Daveed Diggs announced the top picks of the guild through Instagram live.

Among its awards include the recognition for Best Stunt Ensemble, in which the likes of "Da 5 Bloods," "Mulan," "News of the World," and "The Trial of the Chicago 7" got the nod.

The four films will fight against "Wonder Woman 1984," which raised the women's flag in the category.

With that said, can "Wonder Woman 1984" beat its record and defeat the other SAG Awards 2021 nominees, particularly "Mulan" and the recently trending "News of the World"?

Can "Wonder Woman 1984" Win Best Stunt Ensemble?

Compared to other nominees, "Wonder Woman 1984" saw Gal Gadot do the stunts on her own. The Amazonian warrior even pulled off several high-octane action sequences, which, reportedly, caused her to suffer from spine injuries.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Gadot revealed that she had a major hernia in her back, which limited her moves.

"The whole six weeks of press that we did, I couldn't sit. I could only lie down or stand up. So if you go back now and you see all of my interviews, I'm always standing," she said.

During the film's premiere, she went inside the operating room to get her back fixed. Unfortunately, she also hurt her neck and shoulder while filming her movie.

Her dedication can be clearly seen by these instances, making "Wonder Woman 1984" the most deserving of the award.

In addition, unlike the other lead stars, Gadot usually spends six months of training for her superhero role just to make the scenes as perfect as possible.

Since Gadot's film managed to show a combination of deadly stunts and actions, it gave the film a higher chance to win the trophy in the SAG Awards 2021.

The members of SAG and SAG-AFTRA will decide which film will get the recognition, but one should be reminded that "Wonder Woman 1984" deserves to bring home the glory--and this SAG Awards 2021 prediction shows why.

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