In January 2021, the "WandaVision" TV series on Disney+ officially opened the doors for MCU's newest phase.

Throughout its stint until March 5, 2021, the Elizabeth Olsen-led series did not disappoint its viewers - not even once.

In fact, it garnered a whopping 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while 93 percent of nearly 5,300 Google users liked the show.

It is not surprising that this Marvel Studios series became a hit, especially since it seemingly opened new theories and answered the once-forgotten question about the MCU.

However, not every theory is real that "WandaVision" itself debunked the rumors and revealed the truth.

No, Magneto is NOT Controlling Wanda

An MCU and X-Men crossover was one of the most-awaited twists in the series. To make it happen, fans started to think that Magneto was controlling the lead star throughout the series.

At one point, the narrator made it clear that Wanda was not fully controlling Westview, suggesting that someone else created a fake reality.

It is worth noting that Magneto's power is to manipulate magnetic fields - the Hex around the Westview.

However, ScreenRant made it clear that Magneto had nothing to do with Wanda, thus, the series.

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Wanda's Parents?

During its first few episodes, "WandaVision" adapted different sitcoms from the 1950s to the 2000s. Each part introduced a fake commercial with secret messages about Marvel Comics and MCU.

What piqued people's attention was the fact that all these commercials were led by the same man and woman. In the end, it led people to speculate that the commercial presenters were Wanda and Pietro's parents.

However, episode 8 of the series "Previously On" debunked the rumor.

When Agatha forced Wanda to recall the most important events of her life, the superhero showed the time their parents died. Through that flashback, people finally realized that the commercial stars did not have any significant connection to Wanda or Westview.

Evan Peters' Appearance as Quicksilver

One of the noisiest theories out there was made when Evan Peters arrives, playing the role of Wanda's twin brother Pietro (Quicksilver).

Originally, Aaron Taylor-Johnson played the role before his death on "Avengers: Age of Ultron." In the same 2015 blockbuster team-up movie, MCU fans scored a glimpse of Wanda for the first time.

Unfortunately, Peters was actually a normal Westview resident named Ralph Bohner. Yes, people saw what Marvel did there!

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