It's been more than a year since fans were given a season of "American Horror Story."

And since 2020 wasn't graced with one, and it's already 2021, the FX horror anthology series will feature two sets of stories.

'American Horror Story: Double Feature' - What Does It Mean?

Ryan Murphy shared the title on his Twitter.

In his announcement, he explained in an Instagram comment that it just that - that season 10 of "American Horror Story" will give viewers "two horrifying stories - one by the sea and one by the sand."

The sea and the sand converge in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where essential scenes for the season were filmed.


'American Horror Story' Season 10 Cast

The first half of the cast of AHS 10 has already been announced. Returning cast members include Angelica Ross, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Leslie Grossman, Finn Wittrock, and Frances Conroy.

These names are reportedly going to be starring for the "sea" portion of AHS Season 10.

In an interview with Collider, Rabe explained that she would be playing an entirely new character on the show, saying how much she loves this season.

"I can say that the person I'm playing on this season is nothing like anyone I've played on the show before."

Sarah Paulson also teased about her upcoming role, hinted that her character has a great name and will be sporting a new color, something she had never had in the entire AHS universe or even in real life.

In February, she also told Entertainment Weekly, "It's a slightly different story this time around." New cast members such as Kaia Gerber and Macaulay Culkin will also be joining the horror show.

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Culkin is expected to play a "very, very great insane part," but Gerber's role is still unknown as of writing.

Murphy also mentioned that the second half cast has yet to be announced, so fans will still have to wait and see what happens. There's already a lot of things to look forward to in the first half.

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" Creatures

Ryan Murphy shared some disturbing stills from Season 10 in the last couple of weeks, giving fans their first look at one of the stories' villains.

He captioned the picture, "Night Moves," however, it's unclear what those creatures are.

Murphy also posted teaser posters of the upcoming season, featuring two types on this season's pair of stories.

New Format and Formula of AHS 10

If the new format becomes successful, "American Horror Story" will once again reach another breakthrough. In the last decade, the show has stuck with the same formula.

It got stale, and audiences eventually lost interest.

But Ryan Murphy seems to be unafraid of making bold choices to the show. With decisions like this could help AHS last for a lot more years to come.

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