"Dancing With the Stars" gets renewed for a season 30, and fans are rejoicing.

Along with the show's renewal, they also announced the host and judges.

Tyra Banks will be returning for the hosting gig, while panel judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, and Bruno Tonioli are all set to return.

However, not many are okay with Tyra Banks returning on "DWTS."

On Twitter, fans voiced their disappointment with the news that the supermodel and former TV show hosts are making a comeback after all of her jaw-dropping actions and mistakes in last season's show.

"Well, I guess I won't be watching," Theresa on Twitter said upon hearing of the news, while Renee added, "Watching her is like watching a robot."

Another fan named Sharron has high expectations for Tyra Banks on "DWTS, tweeting, "Let's just hope Tyra finds a little humility, incorporates fan feedback from last season, and does a better job at hosting."

Amy also voiced her disappointment, tweeting, "Great. More Tyra talking about herself. Just what we need."

RebelTweeter responded to her and even criticized the supermodel's ensembles on the show, "Tyra's performance as a host on DWTS is nothing short of a train wreck. Her wardrobe gives me countless WTF comments. Bring back Tom."

Another tweeted, Pat, that Tyra Banks can stay on the show but with a producer role instead.

"Love this show but Tyra is not a good host for DWTS. Let her stay on as a producer if you must but not be in front of camera."


DWTS 'New Creative Direction'

Tom Bergeron was the original host of "Dancing With the Stars" since its inception.

In 2020, it was announced that he and co-host Erin Andrews will not be returning to host the show.

Bergeron tweeted that ABC informed him the show would go on without him after his 15-year run.

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The show hired Tyra Banks instead because ABC claimed it would move in a new creative direction, which also means to switch things up to see if the show will get higher ratings.

Why Tyra Banks Is The Least Favorite Person on DWTS

Tyra Banks has made a couple of blunders while hosting "Dancing With the Stars" season 29, making her the least favorite person on the show.

Last October, she apologized after calling out the wrong couple, mixing up the bottom two couples in danger of elimination.

Viewers also didn't like how Banks mostly talked about herself despite being a competition show with other people involved.

While some said she's not a great host, others say that Banks is not the heart of the show, unlike Bergeron.

Some people also didn't like how she shows off her sense of style and fashion on the star-studded show, wearing elaborate outfits on "DWTS."

On her hosting skills, fans believe that she talks way too fast, interrupts the judges, and throws shade at them.

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