Fans will not be getting "Money Heist" season 5 this spring, but that wouldn't stop them from forming theories and finding clues before its release date in August.

Here are some of them.

'Money Heist' Season 5 Theory: Detective Alicia Sierra's Husband is Berlin's Son

Though the gang on "Money Heist" are considered the ultimate criminals, Alicia Sierra, played by Najwa Nimri, is regarded as the most ruthless villain on the show.

She has gone far and wide as a police inspector to capture and torture some of the Professor's accomplices, which later got her kicked out of the force.

  In the final episode of "Money Heist" season four, the detective tracked the Professor down to his hideout and even pointed a gun to his head. With a lot of time to spare, fans concluded Sierra and the Professor are connected - Sierra's late husband and the Professor's brother are son and father.

The Professor's brother in Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, was a former gang member and died in the second season and Berlin's son is possibly Sierra's husband.

'Money Heist' Season 5 Plot Theory: Will Manila Play A Role in Denver's Story?

Manila has only been introduced recently, but now fans are convinced she'll take on a significant role in the upcoming season.

She has connections with Denver, played by Jaime Lorente, and his dad Moscow, Paco Tous, as she is the godchild of one of Denver's childhood friends.

On Reddit, fans shared their thoughts on how she's a major player in Denver's character development.

"Denver's behavior is problematic and we know they have grown up together and Moscow was her godfather."

Since Moscow's death in season two, Denver hasn't been the same, and fans believe that Manila will change that.

"So she will be the only one who can tell him how Moscow would be disappointed about the man he has become or something like that."

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'Money Heist' Season 5 Major Clue: Tokyo and Rio's Relationship

Tokyo, played by Ursula Corbero, fell for Rio, played by Miguel Herran, since the first season of "Money Heist." But their relationship has become a hindrance during their first heist as they kept making impulsive decisions to protect each other.

However, after Rio was taken by the Spanish authorities and tortured, he told Tokyo they couldn't be together again since he would be focusing on recovering from PTSD.

Fans were excited to see them reunite in the upcoming season, but Ursula Cobrero dropped a major clue that it would not happen.

In an interview with Identity mag, she discussed how Tokyo's toxicity could affect her relationship with Rio.

"With Rio's vulnerability and Tokyo being very protective of him, we can see that from the very beginning. But perhaps it's a bit toxic because of Tokyo's personality."

'Money Heist' Season 5 Possible Spoiler: Will Rio Die?

In Mid-March, Anibal Cortes posted an Instagram Story during the production of "Money Heist" season 5.

Rio Money Heist
(Photo : IG: @miguel.g.herran)

Fans immediately became worried things will not end well for the beloved character after the attached song on the post was titled "The End" by The Doors, which raised some eyebrows among fans.

In the picture, Rio was in a dressing room half-dressed in their iconic red jumpsuit.

He captioned the photo, "Rio..."

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