Meredith Grey finally wakes up on Thursday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy."

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 11 Recap: Meredith is Awake

As the episode near its conclusion, Meredith woke up and immediately apologized to Richard for putting her on the ventilator.

She heard about what Jo said about changing specialties, so she had to warn Richard, "We need to talk about Wilson."

When Jo was seen leaving the hospital after a day of a long shift, Richard approached her and offered her support. He needed to know what was going on with her.

Back at Meredith's, Link decided that he and Amelia should check in with one another every few weeks to ensure that they were okay with their plan to not go ahead with the wedding.

Owen had also apologized to Teddy for reacting a different way to her confession about Allison. He also confessed that he should've known that she was going through something. Though he's unsure what kind of support she needs right now, at the very least, Owen wanted them to be friends.

In the final shot, Maggie, Bailey, and Richard watched Meredith from outside her room, marveling at her as she was seen sleeping but in fact, she was awake. 

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Meredith Grey's Close Calls Over the Years

Meredith Grey almost died but survived them all over the years.

The recent one where she got infected with COVID made the fans anxious because it spoke of the show's future. Now that she's awake, is it possible that the show will not end this season, but in fact, go forward?

Meanwhile, to celebrate Meredith Grey recovering from COVID on season 17, episode 11 of "Grey's Anatomy, let's take a trip down memory lane and recall all the misfortune and tragedy that befallen our favorite doctor over the years.

Almost blew up

Meredith Grey placed her hand inside a body of a man who has a bomb inside him after one paramedic flees. In the end, Dr. Grey didn't blow up but she was only a few feet away when the bomb exploded in the hands of the bomb squad.

Falling into a bay and nearly drowned

In the third season, Meredith Grey was one of the first responders on the scene after a ferry crashed into a dock.

She got knocked into the water in their rescue effort and would've died if her then-boyfriend Derek Shepherd didn't jump in and retrieve her incredibly blue body.

Surviving a plane crash

In the eighth season, Meredith Grey and her sister Lexie were part of a plane crash.

She only suffered a punctured wound, but her sister isn't so lucky as she died.

During childbirth

In the ninth season, Dr. Grey has the misfortune of needing an emergency C-section in the middle of a power outage due to a superstorm.

She suffered a miscarriagey, and she later suffered a hemorrhage and almost died on the table.

When a patient attacked her

Meredith suffered so many injuries in an episode of season 11, dislocated jaw and elbow, concussion, leg, forearm, and ribs fracture, pneumothorax, hearing loss, and larynx injury. This was because a seizure patient attacked her.

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