It's weird to think that soon, people will live their lives without "Grey's Anatomy."

The show has been airing on TV since early 2005 and has become a Thursday night staple.

"Grey's Anatomy" coming to an end is one topic that many fans don't want to talk about or even think about. However, there have already been hints that fans should prepare themselves for the inevitable because it's happening soon.

Showrunner Krista Vernoff already gave out continuous hints that the long-running medical drama may not return for a season 18, even Ellen Pompeo's contract is ending this current season so what's going to happen to her beloved character Meredith Grey?

With that being said, what could be the best way to end the hit ABC series?

'Grey's Anatomy Finale: How It Should End, According to Fans

Metro spoke to "Grey's Anatomy" superfans and Meredith Grey stans to find out how they want the show to end.

Giuseppe Corallo, who also hosts the "Dance it Out" podcast, grew up watching the show and enjoys its "funny moments, for its twists and most of all, its sweeping romances."

According to him, one of the things he would want to see in the ending is reuniting Cristina, Izzie, and Alex on the show.

"I would think that a reunion - sadly George died - between the original interns of the show is needed."

He went on to say, "I want a happy ending for Meredith, too. I like her with Cormac Hayes aka McWidow."

Giuseppe's co-host, Jasmine Pettie, explained that she loves the show's characters, twists, turns, writing, and romance.

She shared what end she would like to see on "Grey's Anatomy" and that would be to give Meredith Grey a happy ending.

"My dream ending for the show would be for Meredith to get her happy ending and for all of the characters to be brought back together by some kind of event or celebration."

Jasmin thinks that it could be a wedding or anniversary event for the hospital, and would also want to see all the other original interns returning, such as Cristina, Alex, and Izzie.


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She wants "some kind of nod or ghostly appearance by the dearly departed characters we miss so much."

Of course, she would also want for Dr. Grey to find love again, even hoping she and Hayes "end up together and live happily ever after."

An IG fan page for the show which has over 26,000 followers wants the show to end by revealing Meredith has "Alzheimer's and this was all her trying to remember what happened."

They also think it would be great if "Zola would be chief of surgery. Bailey would be a general surgeon, Ellis would be a surgeon as well."

Then the final scene will be seeing "Derek by her side as she walks into the light with everyone she 'lost.'"

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