Former "The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood recently expressed his disappointment with fans after being asked with "inappropriate" questions about his sex life.

Recently, Underwood answered a series of fan questions during a Q&A on his Instagram page. One fan asked him about his sex life, specifically how many men he had sex with in the past, the reality TV star immediately refused to answer the question, he instead vented out his frustrations.

"Let me vent for a second," he wrote on his Instagram story, "Questions like this are inappropriate. I understand you might know me from the bachelor where I shared a lot about my personal life. I have set boundaries and I'm respecting myself in a way that will lead me to a healthier life." he added.

"I never asked to be labeled as the virgin bachelor and have people feel the security to ask me questions about my sex life. It just happened and during that time I thought I had no other choice but to just go with it the network would be mad. I know differently now. I'll share what I want and this won't be one of those things." he concluded.

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The former "Bachelor" recently came out as gay in "Good Morning America" last month saying "I'm gay and I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it"

Underwood appeared in the 23rd season of ABC's "The Bachelor", he was labeled by fans as "the virgin Bachelor". In the same coming out interview with GMA, he also expressed that he chose to remain a virgin while on the reality dating show as a way to process his sexuality.

The reality TV star previously dated Cassie Randolph, the winner from his season. The ex-couple had announced their breakup on May of last year.

The relationship became controversial after Randolph filed for a restraining order against Underwood for allegedly stalking and harassing her. The charges has been dropped November of that year.

Colton is also set to star in his own Netflix documentary that focuses on his coming out journey, the upcoming show is also expected to guest star prominent LGBTQIA+ celebrities. He teased fans on the same Q&A that the documentary will come out on Fall of this year.

The exact date for the documentary has not yet been released.

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