Fans take their speculations on Twitter under #InvestigateSpotify and call out Spotify as they notice deliberate sabotage in BTS' stream count on the music service app.

Not even a week has passed since BTS released their most recent English single, "Butter," and it has already surpassed all of "Dynamite's" achievements. The song's success is due to the sheer dedication and perseverance of the South Korean band's fans- ARMY.

It is not a secret that BTS Fans are intimidating figures. Their strategy in streaming and promoting their favorite artist's song is well thought out and organize, which makes the underwhelming Spotify stream count even more suspicious.

BTS "Butter" Being Tampered With As 47% of Spotify Streams Were Uncounted

One fan made a thread on Twitter asking their fellow ARMYs to send in evidence of BTS' streams being "tampered with or affected in confusing ways" by the music streaming platform.

The Twitter mentioned above user pointed out the "unprecedented, massive amounts of streams have been filtered out" that has been occurring over the past two days as fans keep a heavy watch on their streaming statics on various music platforms- not just Spotify.

"We know Spotify to be a shady platform with payola-like services for artists to use the algorithm," user @elliotsang reiterates.

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"We Need an Explanation..." Fans Send in Emails and Are Angered by Spotify's Unwillingness for Transparency

BTS' ARMYs are not one to play around with as many are educated and are aware of how the music industry works. Twitter user @hannahdulset96 took it upon themselves to directly email Spotify, and the reply was as shady as the app. "We can't share the exact info on how streams are counted to prevent manipulation," the Spotify support team answers with regards to the inquiry about filtered streams.

According to this article by allkpop, the hashtag "Investigate Spotify" began trending worldwide as fans everywhere demand a transparency report on the filtered Spotify streams.

The streams done in other countries compared the significant difference of how streaming statics works from the US, shows how they are amounting to double the numbers, further pushes the narrative of Spotify USA decidedly filtering streams.

Stream BTS 'Butter' Here:

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