As Caroline Manzo attempts to pardon ex-brother-in-law Thomas Manzo from jail time, fans are disappointed

Fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey commented on an Instagram post shared by Dina Manzo's friend and assistant- Luke McKibben.

The picture posted was of Caroline Manzo and Thomas Manzo, with a caption that says "Thicker than Thieves," referring to Caroline's evident support of Dina's former husband despite being charged with being a co-conspirator of ex-wife's house invasion in May 2017.


Some of the comments that fans said were:

"You need to support your sister,"

"How could you do that to dina???"

"Blood is thicker than water... or so you said. Sad you aren't supporting your sister after what that animal did to her."

Luke captioned the post itself with "Tea Time," and followed it up with a lengthy description of how he witnessed Dina staying silent and taking the "high road" all these years while wanting to speak up and defend her.

Meanwhile, the victim herself also replied in the comments saying, "I'm starting to think some just expect us to stay quiet while they continue to hurt others... that's what gives them that 'power,'" while repeating how one should not "take kindness for weakness."

Thomas Manzo Accomplice for Tying Up and Beating Ex-wife Dina Manzo in 2017 

The Daily Mail reported that earlier this month, Tommy Manzo was indicted as an alleged co-accomplice in the home invasion of Dina Manzo, which happened in 2017. Manzo's former wife was with her current husband, David Cantin when the attack occurred.

The two had just announced their engagement when the sudden attack happened, and they were both allegedly tortured with bare fists and baseball bats while tied up in their New Jersey townhouse.

A similar case was also filed in July 2020 when, upon further investigation, they found out that Tommy directly linked in hiring the Lucchese mobster soldier who was reported to have been hired to attack David back in 2015 at a strip mall.

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"Jealous" Older Sister Claims Thomas Manzo "Kind-hearted and Caring" in a Letter During Trial Hearing

According to NJ, Tommy's defense attorney read out multiple letters that stand as testaments of his client's good character.

Caroline Manzo was also included there, who described the assailant as "kind-hearted and caring," even after being charged with robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, criminal restraint, weapons offenses, and stalking.

Dina and Thomas married in 2005, and the former reveals to The Sun that sister Caroline Manzos became "jealous" after her marriage to Tommy. The couple's divorce was filed in 2013 and was finalized in 2016,

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