Joe Lara has died alongside the seven people in a tragic plane crash. He was 58.

This weekend, Lara, his wife, and several passengers died after the small plane they were riding crashed into a lake.

According to reports, the Cessna 501 private jet left Smyrna Airport to jet toward Palm Beach in Florida. However, a few months after it took off, the plane dove into Percy Priest Lake.

The authorities launched an all-night operation to search for the bodies of the victims. Unfortunately, the rescue crews announced the death of the passengers as they informed their families.

Currently, the cause of the plane crash is yet to be determined. The authorities also identified the victims already.

Aside from Lara, his wife Gwen Lara, Jennifer Martin, David Martin, Jonathan Walters, Jessica Walters, and Brandon Hannah also died. They were all part of the same church.

Who are Joe and Gwen Lara?

In 1999, Gwen established the Remnant Fellowship Church as part of the extension of her popular book "The Weigh Down Diet." Since then, over a hundred thousand churches began their workshop ministries. In November 2004, the Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood opened its doors.

"It's teaching you how to transfer this relationship with the food - and we've got one on this country - to a relationship with God," she said.

However, the church became widely infamous due to the questions and concerns. A 50-page report on the church's teachings claimed that the remnant fellowship seems to be a cult.

In 2007, a couple who were members of the church was charged with murdering their eight-year-old son. They reportedly beat the child and locked him inside a wooden box.

Meanwhile, Joe and Gwen married each other in 2018.

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The actor was famous for his role in the epic Tarzan TV series, "Tarzan: The Epic Adventures." He also had his name on "Steel Frontier," "Sunset Heat," "American Cyborg: Steel Warrior," "Gunsmoke: The Last Apache," and "The Magnificent Seven," among others.

Following their deaths, internet users shared their thoughts about the news.

One Twitter user said, "So sad to hear about the passing of Joe Lara, love his movies. Always will be one of my fave actors. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends."

Another one added, "Omg I just heard actor Joe Lara passed away. My fave movie was Danger Island with Jill Ireland. Rip."

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