Kanye West claims to be a man of God, but he was reportedly showing off his devil attitude recently, especially during his court-ordered deposition.

The former husband of Kim Kardashian is in the middle of a legal battle with MyChannel. They claimed that the Grammy-winning rapper stole the company's technology to sell his Sunday Service merch.

The company describes itself as a Black-owned company specializing in video and e-commerce technologies.

In court documents obtained by AllHipHop, MyChannel's lawyers filed an emergency motion that requests for the "Jesus Is King" rapper to be brought to court after going ballistic on their lawyer, Michael Popak.

In the document, Kanye West called Popak, a white man, "boy" at least 12 times during their virtual court deposition.

The entire deposition only lasted 10 minutes because the Yeezy designer was angered and then terminated the meeting and walking off.

The document also claimed that during the virtual deposition, the dad-of-four refused to look at Popok and kept himself busy by being on his phone.

Some of the shocking remarks he said during the deposition were referring to his own "mental genuisness" while asking Popok if he was "f------ stupid" while refusing to answer the lawyer's questions.


But the boiling point of the meeting, as AllHipHop reported, was when Kanye West wore a "full-face hood and head covering adorned with Jesus Christ's image which obscured his face and muffled voice."

MyChannel's legal team immediately protested for Kanye to take it off, but he refused to remove the mask and even went as far as claiming that they didn't have the right to see his face.

The court documents also stated how the "All of the Lights" rapper bragged about how great he was doing with obstructing the entire virtual deposition, while his own lawyers didn't do anything to call out his bizarre and devilish behavior.

However, another MyChannel lawyer Ben Meiselas told AllHipHop that Kanye West's "bad faith efforts" will be seen by the court as "one of the most outrageous and inappropriate deposition performance" in history.

He also mentioned how the entire meeting was recorded.

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Kanye West Registers Sunday Service As Tax-Exempt and Non-Profit Organization

According to The Sun, the "N*ggas In Paris" rapper registered his Sunday Service church as a tax-exempt and non-profit organization despite having $50 million worth in lawsuits.

After filing in March, he was granted the tax-exempt status with his $2.2 million mansion in Calabasas listed as the organization's headquarters.

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