Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $196.2 billion.

But when it comes to paying back what he is owed, he will do just about anything to get it back.

The Amazon chief and his girlfriend's brother are still embroiled in some legal battle for allegedly hiding cash to avoid forking over some massive dough.

It was previously reported that Lauren Sanchez's brother, Michael, sued Jeff for defamation for allegedly tarnishing his name by accusing him of leaking private texts to the media before his and Lauren's relationship became public.

However, a judge decided to rule against Michael and ordered him to pay the legal bill of the billionaire and his private investigator $254,404.

Jeff Bezos is claiming that Michael is concealing ownership of his multi-million-dollar Hollywood home to avoid paying the court-ordered ruling.

The lawsuit filed by Jeff Bezos on Friday revealed that for Michael to skirt the court's ordered payout, he reportedly tried to transfer his massive asset, the West Hollywood mansion, to a shell company he controls before listing it for sale worth $2.5 million.

However, Michael's lawyer told the Seattle Times that the tech mogul's lawsuit is some type of "classic bullying."

Tom Warren told TMZ, "The world has been accusing Mr. Bezos of not paying his fair share of taxes, exploiting Amazon employees, and spreading fake conspiracy theories about the future king of Saudi Arabia. You can now add bullying his future brother-in-law to the list."

Warren further claimed that they are planning to appeal that, if successful, would make Michael Sanchez owe Jeff Bezos nothing.

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What's Going On With Jeff Bezos and His Girlfriend's Brother?

The National Enquirer revealed in January 2019 that Jeff Bezos had an affair with his now public girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, who is Michael's sister.

At that same time, Jeff and his wife 25 years MacKenzie divorced.

The tabloid's next print edition wasn't reportedly scheduled for publication for the next couple of days, but they rushed the cheating story online that night.


When the media had a field day, Jeff Bezos hired private investigator and security consultant Gavin de Becker to find out who leaked his and Lauren's text messages.

The CEO of the Enquirer's parent company AMI, David Pecker was reportedly pissed off with the investigation so he emailed Jeff in Feb. 2019 and threatened to publish ten nudes and personal photos unless he called off the investigation of the source who leaked the texts.

Though Michael didn't deny leaking the texts between the couple, he said that he didn't have any explicit photos of the first richest man in the world.

That same month, Jeff called David Pecker's bluff and published the email in full, saying he refused to be blackmailed.

Michael Sanchez then went on to sue Jeff Bezos and Gavin de Becker for defamation claiming that he was accused of providing the tabloid magazine with Jeff's nudes.

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