James Corden is taking a massive step for his late-night show after the backlash he received for putting Asian food on his fan-favorite segment "Spill Your Guts or Eat Your Guts."

Recently, the British TV host spoke to Howard Stern in his radio show and confirmed that they would retain the segment, but they will be removing certain food items linked to the Asian community.

He mentioned that they would be replacing the items with unhealthy junk food like pizzas with cheeseburger toppings, similar to what they gave to Anna Wintour when she was a guest on the show.

"We heard that story, and the next time we do that bit, we absolutely won't involve or use any of those foods," Corden said (via Metro UK)

The late-night show host also mentioned that his team wants to produce a "full of joy" show and don't want to "upset" anybody.

Petitioner speaks out

TikTok user Kim Saira, the woman who started the petition asking Corden to take down the segment, expresses her disappointment with the host's statement on the radio show.

Speaking to Insider, Saira stated that Corden's radio show guesting was an "absolute non-apology" and did not take accountability.

She added that the petition, which had over 45,000 signatures, specifically asked Corden to "publicly apologize," but he did not.

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"#CancelSpillYourGuts" Petition

As we previously reported, Saira made a petition via change.org that asks Corden to remove his segment as he's including Asian foods that are meant to be "gross."

The petition also stated that the host publicly called the food "really disgusting" and "horrific", which is offensive to the Asian community, especially when there are ongoing Asian hate crimes all across the United States.

They also added that the segment promotes anti-Asian racism, and it promotes bullying and mocking Asian people for eating native foods.


The petition asks Corden to apologize, change the food or remove the segment, and donate to local Asian-American organizations.

More recently, Saira held a protest in front of the CBS studio, hoping that the TV host will publicly apologize for his segment. She mentioned that there were over 60 people who attended the rally.

Even though Corden did not apologize on Howard Stern's show, Saira is still hoping that he will address the situation on his late-night show.

"Spill Your Guts or Eat Your Guts"

The recurring segment is famous among viewers. The show invites renowned celebrities to ask controversial questions; once they refused to answer, they should eat "disgusting" foods placed on a round table.

The food served include pickled pig's feet, balut, fisheye, bird saliva, and more.

Past celebrities who played the game includes Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, and Kris Jenner.

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