Prince Harry has cut off a lot of people in his life, particularly some of his friends, since marrying Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex has arrived in the UK ahead of the Princess Diana statue unveiling which is scheduled to take place in Jul. 1.

The dad-of-two is believed to be in quarantine for five days, according to the UK's government COVID-19 travel restrictions.

but after the mandated quarantine, Prince Harry will be able to socialize with whoever he wants, just as long as he gets a negative COVID-19 test.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated event, however, it is believed that Prince Harry will be meeting and reuniting with some of his old pals during this trip.

According to the Daily Mail, "After the wedding, Harry cut everyone from the UK off. But now he's at last showing signs of wanting to reconnect with his old life."

But do his pals still want to see him? Per the outlet, they're all excited to talk to the former senior royal.

"They think that the old Harry is coming back out of his shell."

Royal experts are watching Prince Harry's every move while in the UK and they think that perhaps the 36-year-old younger brother of Prince William isn't ready to abandon his old life just yet.

"It sounds like he's starting to realize that he doesn't have to abandon his old life to enjoy a new one in California with Meghan."

As for his reunion with pals, the Daily Mail's insider revealed that they may get lunch and talk about memories, however, it's unclear who exactly may be on the guest list.

The insider also shared how a few names have already come up including Mark Dyer, Jack Mann, and Charlie van Staubenzee, but it's still unsure who Prince Harry will be reconnected with within the coming days.

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Will Prince William Join The Boys Lunch Out with Prince Harry?

The publication's source revealed that Prince William will not probably join his brother and his pals for lunch.

The insider spoke of the two brothers' rift as "deeper than ever."

Though they are currently fighting, the two sons of Princess Diana are expected to put their differences aside for the event, which will take place on what would've been her 60th birthday.

Another insider revealed that the event will be a "very personal moment" for Prince Harry and Prince William, as well as their close family.

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