Prince Charles is the next in line of the monarchy.

But once he's about to become King, it has been suggested that his coronation will be a smaller affair compared to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II's, coronation.

On June 2, 1953, over 277 million people were glued to their screens to watch the Queen's coronation.

It was the first-ever coronation to be televised, and according to reports, it lasted for about three hours.

The event saw Her Majesty and her husband, Prince Philip, driven from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in their Gold State Coach. Royal historians said that the coronation took over one year to plan.

Prime ministers from across the commonwealth, church leaders, members of the royal household, military leaders, and many more made up the 250-pax procession as Queen Elizabeth II made her way to Westminster Abbey wearing a crown that featured 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls, also known as the George IV State Diadem.

Over 8,200 guests were invited to watch the momentous occasion, with over 129 nations and territories officially represented their countries.

The entire coronation reportedly cost Britain $2.18 million, but more than $59.84 million in today's money.

But it seems like Prince Charles won't get the same ultimate royal treatment his mother has experienced during her coronation.

According to Ian Lloyd, author of "The Duke: 100 Chapters in the Life of Prince Philip," he believes that things will be different once the Prince of Wales becomes King.

The author told Express UK, "I don't think people would stomach such a vast ceremony."

However, the possibility of the lack of appetite of the Brits for a massive coronation affair over the next ten years has reportedly nothing to do with Prince Charles or his popularity.

In fact, he believes that society has changed so much that many Brits would think that another massive coronation affair would be seen as too expensive.

He added that a large ceremony now is very unlikely because "I don't think people would like that sort of expense."

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The UK is the only country in Europe that still does coronations. Instead, other monarchies have already replaced coronations with inauguration ceremonies.

Lloyd believes that the father of Prince William and Prince Harry will have a coronation similar to how they do it in other parts of Europe where "they do a swear-in ceremony."

Meanwhile, news of the possibility of a small coronation ceremony for Prince Charles comes after reports claiming he will slim down the cost of the monarchy to the taxpayers once he becomes King.

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