The TLC family has been open about their lives throughout the reality show, including some questionable relationships.

According to this article, although Janelle and Kody Brown have been legally married for over 10 years. The two previously introduced themselves as siblings.

At the beginning of their relationship, Kody was still married to his first wife- Meri. Therefore Janelle's marriage to him was not recognized by the law.

All three of them were living together, and in order not to cause suspicion, the couple decided to lie about their relationship.

Instead of husband and wife, Janelle and Kody were siblings, and the former stayed with her brother and his wife.

As Janelle's mother married Kody's father, this little white lie became confirmed as the lovers became step-siblings.

Janelle Brown Chooses "Alternative Path" After Selling Rental Home in Arizona

Janelle and her family had been "forced" out of their home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Sources report that the reality star had quickly found a buyer after listing their home online, fast purchasing an RV claiming it as an "adventure."

Janelle announced her big decision on Instagram, informing her fans that the change was because of the "crazy" housing market in Flagstaff.

The "Sister Wives" star showed off the brand new RV parked on the family's property in Cayote Pass, showing off the spacious landscape.

The announcement had been met with excited reactions from fans on Janelle's Facebook page.

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"Sister Wives" Meri Shows Support for the LGBTQ Community, "You Are Safe With Me"

Meri Brown speaks up about "the struggle within the LGBTQ community" as Pride Month is coming to an end.

The reality star uploaded a picture on her personal Instagram account with a lengthy caption about being aware of her lack of understanding about the community.

"I am not a queer, so I do not experience or understand your rejections or judgments," Brown claims in her post.

Meri's daughter with ex-husband Kody is gay and is open about her relationship with her fiance Audrey.

The post is addressed to her daughter as she ends the post with, "So I will just love, I will support. I will have your back. Always."

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