Kate Middleton allegedly will not be present on the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue. It's unclear whether it's her own decision or she was compelled not to appear, but sources had it that it is important for her husband Prince William for her to stay away.

Kate Middleton's absence from this highly-anticipated and talked about Princess Diana's memorial launch on Thursday will be "telling on so many levels," sources close to the family say. 

The unveiling of a statue is meant to mark what would have been Diana's 60th birthday. There were reports that the guest list was intentionally slashed to make it as tight and small as possible, and one person removed was Kate Middleton herself

Some find this weird because they consider that Kate would be on hand to broker peace between William and his brother, Prince Harry. So without her, a fruitful interaction between the brothers might not happen. 

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A source told Page Six, "Catherine's absence speaks volumes." The source explained, "I think keeping the numbers down is a perfect 'excuse' for Catherine to stay away. William is fed up with the drama and Catherine doesn't need to be dragged into this," the source alleged. 

"They are planning a private family visit with their children, and that private moment is far more important than the public rhetoric," the source explained.

Moreover, Prince William reportedly is so tired of all the drama revolving around him and the Sussexes that he just wants a break from all of it. He believes that if Middleton were to be at the event, not just to witness the unveiling, but also help him and his brother cope with each other, then this would just fuel all sorts of gossips and writeups.

"William is determined that the Sussex drama does not overshadow this important moment of remembrance to his much-missed mother and is keeping that as his focus," the source explained. 

This will be the first time William and Harry would be seeing each other face-to-face since their reunion at back in April at Prince Philip's funeral. 

Harry is now back in the UK, staying in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. 

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