Tyler Skaggs' widow launched a damaging lawsuit against Los Angeles Angels and blamed them for the death of the athlete.

Nearly two years since Skaggs' body was found dead, Carli Skaggs forwarded new court documents saying that his death could have been prevented.

As stated on the official filing, Carli alleged that the team failed to safeguard the player and led him to his untimely death instead.

Furthermore, she noted how the team employee Eric Kay distributed the drugs that killed Skaggs inside his hotel room. Kay already faced charges for the crimes.

Carli then claimed that the LA Angeles knew Kay was giving Skaggs and other players drugs. However, the heads did not do anything to stop it.

She went on to claim that Kay is an infamous drug abuser. Despite being aware of the situation, the team's management still allowed him to have complete access to players. The employee also had the chance to communicate with Skaggs and other players even outside the field 24/7.

Because of this, the widow referred to the case as a "fatal mistake." If it was prevented, she said that Skaggs would still be alive.

"The Angels failed Tyler. And because of this failure, Tyler, who was on the brink of achieving certain and substantial success as a pitcher in MLB, had his life cut short," Carli went on.

Los Angeles Angeles Debunked Carli Skaggs' Claims

Following the publication of the lawsuit, a LA Angeles spokesperson defended the team and debunked Carli's claims.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the team's spokesperson Marie Garvie called the lawsuit "without merit." They also saw her damaging accusations as something irresponsible, baseless allegations.

According to Garvey, the team hired a former federal prosecutor in 2019 to look into Skagg's death. The independent investigation reportedly explored everything that could have led to the player's passing.

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"The investigation confirmed that the Organization did not know that Tyler was using opioids, nor was anyone in management aware or informed of any employee providing opioids to any player," she added.

She also made it clear that the organization opposes Carli's claims before threatening that they will defend their stand in court.

Meanwhile, Quinn quoted that even Kay's former boss, Tim Mead, was involved in the purchase of drugs.

After Tyler Skaggs' death, the MLB and MLB Players Association began testing for opioids and cocaine.

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