Jeffrey Epstein's ranch in New Mexico is currently up for sale for $27.6 million.

It is popularly known as the Zorro Ranch or his "sex ranch," where he met with teenage sex slaves.

The sprawling ranch has been put up for sale two years after Epstein was found dead in his jail cell in 2018.

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's 'Sex Ranch'

The disgraced financier's property boasts 8,000 acres of land near Stanley in the Santa Fey County, but Epstein's main home sits on 30,000 square feet.

Epstein purchased the property in 1993.

But the ranch comprises a patchwork of leased federal lands and private lands that include many amenities such as a tennis court, airstrip hanger, log cabin, firehouse, equestrian facility, and a guest house.

Though Jeffrey Epstein was never charged with anything in New Mexico, the property has been painted as integral to his alleged sex trafficking operation by multiple women who claim that there were trafficked and sexually abused at the ranch.

Epstein was on the state's sex offender list until 2010, but he wasn't re-listed because of a requirement that victims are under 16 years old.

According to Attorney General Hector Balderas in 2019, "New Mexico continues to lag behind the rest of the country in strengthening outdated and weak laws that fail to protect our children from abuse," after Jeffrey Epstein pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges in New York.

The Zorro ranch is one of the three properties of Jeffrey Epstein to be sold off, after his Manhattan townhouse and his Palm Beach, Florida home, which sold for $51 million and $18.5 million, respectively.

A representative for Sotheby's International Realty previously told the Wall Street Journal that the proceeds from selling Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch would go to his estate, including "necessary to compensate claimants, tax authorities and creditors."

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Ghislaine Maxwell Update

News of Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico property being sold comes after his alleged madame, Ghislaine Maxwell wants to have charges dropped similar to Bill Cosby's case.

Her lawyers told the judge according to The Guardian, "The government is trying to renege on its agreement and prosecute Ms. Maxwell over 25 years later for the exact same offenses for which she was granted immunity."

Lawyers for the British socialite claim that the Florida plea deal should protect Maxwell after helping Epstein and his co-conspirators dodge federal charges in the state.

The 59-year-old is charged with allegedly procuring underage girls for Epstein. She remains behind bars.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty and faces up to 80 years in prison if he's convicted.

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