Did Prince Harry purposely snub Queen Elizabeth II during his UK trip for the Diana statue unveiling?

Everybody knows that the Duke of Sussex and his grandmother have a great bond and are incredibly affectionate for one another, despite the recent dramas surrounding the British royal family.

However, moving to the US with Meghan Markle, Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana, has made it difficult for Prince Harry to see his 95-year-old grandmother.

The Duke of Sussex recently attended the Diana statue unveiling on what would've been the late princess' 60th birthday. His brother Prince William was also present at the event.

Before the ceremony, many reports suggest that Prince Harry would meet with Queen Elizabeth II. However, it didn't happen as the Prince immediately left the UK less than 24 hours after the event.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II was at Scotland during the ceremony but returned to Kensington the same day.

Now, Brits are furious that Prince Harry didn't make time to see or catch up with his grandmother.

Some called his action a "major mistake," with one person saying, "Leaving without visiting Her Majesty, the Queen? Where is the loyalty, love and respect?"

They also made an example of how Prince Harry also left Prince Philip's funeral less than 24 hours after the ceremony.

"Same as at the funeral (of Prince Philip). He couldn't wait a day and see her on her birthday. That's not love or respect."

Another person commented, "Having recently lost his grandfather, surely he would take the opportunity to see her."

One commenter also compared how Prince Harry would still have a few more years with his Sussex family, while Queen Elizabeth II may not have that much time left.

"Hopefully for him his wife and children will be around for years, his grandmother sadly will not."

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The Duke of Sussex's current relationship with Queen Elizabeth II has so many contradicting reports. However, one confirmed information remains true - that Prince Harry and Prince William are still in the middle of their rift, and it doesn't seem like they'll be making peace with one another soon.

A top royal expert revealed no chance the dad of two would reconcile with the future King of Britain while he remains married to Meghan Markle.

Angela Levin told talkRADIO, "I think Prince Harry can't do anything without his wife agreeing it and telling him and instructing him what to do at the moment."

"If he comes out of that situation things might improve but I think there's no chance if he's married to Meghan."

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