Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, recently celebrated her third birthday through an extravagant princess-themed party complete with castles, candy booths, and opulent clothing.

The birthday girl arrived at the venue riding a horse carriage and her mom and dad, Offset.

As seen on her Instagram stories, the party was filled with balloons, a petting zoo, Disney princesses cosplay, and a DJ.

Amid the celebration, Cardi B took to Twitter to share a seemingly harmless tweet about the special day. (Check out the tweet below.)

Following this, fans did not take her post lightly, and she was bombarded with hate messages claiming that she would use her kids for money.

"Thats the worst thing a parent could do to their kids..." one fan wrote.

"Idk who needs to hear this but stop living vicariously through your children. They are their own people. Your childhood dreams may not be their childhood dreams. Let them be their own people." another one wrote.

"Reconsider because they have their own path and desires make peace with your childhood for their freedom." one tweeted.

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What's wrong with Cardi B's tweet?

The tweet was later defended by a handful of supporters, saying that other users misinterpreted what she wrote. One fan pointed out that the rapper was "not living through her kids," but rather, she's giving her children the things she never had as a child.

Other people also mentioned that haters are "slow and trying to take this out of context" as they're making Cardi B the awful parent because they believe she's asking her daughter to do things she doesn't want.

Nevertheless, the majority of her followers still support her and happy about Kulture's birthday.

"I'm so glad you get to bless your child(ren) with what you didn't have growing up. You deserve to be reap the benefits of your hard work too. It was all beautiful. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments with us, Cardi. Kulture is so blessed to have a mom like you." one wrote.

Just moments after the Twitter mishap, Cardi B quote-retweeted another tweet to reveal that one of her childhood dreams is to have a fairy-tale-inspired birthday party complete with a crab leg tower. (Check out the tweet below)

Cardi B's children

Kulture was born in 2018. The rapper debuted her pregnancy belly in an "SNL" performance. She later took to Instagram to post elegant pregnancy photos surrounded by flowers.

Cardi B is currently pregnant with her second child; she revealed the news through an incredible live performance at this year's BET Awards, where she performed on stage even with a baby bump.

The couple did not yet announce the gender of their upcoming child nor its name.

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