Unlike most revivals and reboots, "iCarly" seems to have an overall positive reception and a clamor for more. This is why it has been confirmed to have season 2. Will Jennette McCurdy, an OG cast member who did not return for Season 1, finally join in?

Paramount+ announced Thursday that its revival of the Nickelodeon series has been renewed Season 2. Production will happen soon too - in Los Angeles, particularly during the fall.  

Picking up nearly 10 years after the events that happened in the original series, the revival finds Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, trying to live her life in her twenties alongside her friends while going back to her first love - the Internet. 

OG cast members Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress all took part in the reboot. New cast members included  Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett. But what was one of the main contentions with the show is that the original cast member Jennette McCurdy did not reprise her role.

While some fans are still hoping to see her on this reboot, they must remember that the actress herself said she's done with acting in general. She of course, could change her mind one day.

Jennette McCurdy revealed on the Season 2 premiere of her podcast, "Empty Inside," the real reason she's done with acting. While she did not say "iCarly," she could have possibly hinted that her role in the show was not something she was proud of. 

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"I resent my career in a lot of ways," she said. "I feel so unfulfilled by the roles that I played and felt like it was the most just cheesy, embarrassing... I imagine there's a very different experience to be had with acting if you're proud of your roles."

Regardless of her impossible return however, iCarly reboot Season 2 is a good news indeed, as fans have quited enjoyed the Season 1 ride. Most cannot believe that Miranda Cosgrove is all grown up.

Ahead of the season 1 premiere just back in June, Cosgrove, revealed that PEOPLE she was enjoying "every second" of the experience. Not only was she an actress here, she was also an executive producer.

She said she learned a lot of the behind-the-scenes process and attained a better way to express herself because of this reboot.

"I've learned a lot of things really fast that I never knew about before," she said. "I'm getting to help edit all the episodes. I've never edited anything in my life. So seeing all the behind-the-scenes things, talking to the set designers from the very start, figuring all that out and seeing how they put the sets together - these are all things that I've never done before. So it's just been a real learning process."

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