Is Priyanka Chopra being petty on behalf of Meghan Markle? According to some fans, she deliberately refused to clap for Prince William and Kate Middleton when they arrived to watch the women's final at Wimbledon, unlike the other spectators there. 

Some fans believe that because Meghan Markle's her best friend, Priyanka Chopra tried to shade  Prince William and Kate Middleton in her own little way at Wimbledon. Did she?

She was sitting in the Royal Box during the women's singles final on Saturday (July 10) when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived for their own respective seats.

Those in attendance paid their respects and reacted with glee, clapping for them. But Priyanka Chopra was quite noticeable in her antics not to do so. Fans thought it odd that it was right at the moment that people were clapping for Kate and William that she decided to fix her scarf, as reported by Hollywood Life.

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They read into Priyanka's supposedly innocent move as a conscious decision to ignore Meghan's in-laws. "She literally said, 'who?, anyway lemme fix my dress first,'" tweeted one fan, a sentiment that was agreed upon by other Twitter users. 


If it is her way to support Meghan Markle - it may be petty for many, but it would also be understandable considering what Markle revealed in her Oprah interview about her stint at the palace, and sometimes at the hands of Prince William and Kate Middleton, allegedly.

 Prince Harry and Meghan have sat down with Oprah Winfrey in March and it can be remembered that Meghan said Kate made her cry. 

She explained what happened and even said she could understand why Kate did it.

"And I don't say that to be disparaging to anyone," she said, "because it was a really hard week of the wedding and she was upset about something, but she owned it and she apologized and she brought me flowers and a note apologizing, which is what I would do if I knew that I hurt someone... just take accountability for it," she explained. 
However, what was frustrating about the whole thing was how the British press twisted the story and made Meghan Markle to be the bad guy. 

But then it would also be quite weird for Priyanka to harbor such a grudge when recent developments, such as Prince Harry returning home quickly for Princess Diana statue unveiling, are showing sighs that the royal rift between the Cambridges and the Suxesses are not that big not to close, one day. 

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