"The Talk" is welcoming a new host on the show following Sharon Osbourne's controversial exit.

Jerry O'Connell is announced to be finally getting a permanent seat at the table after just being a guest host on the show several times. Jerry will be joining Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots, and Elaine Welteroth.

However, the current hosts of "The Talk" are reportedly being paid less than the comedian, as he is reportedly going to make close to $2 million, per a source who told The Sun.

"Jerry's salary is less than half of Sharon's salary but more than Sheryl."

Amanda and Elaine are reportedly making about mid-six figures.

When Sharon Osbourne was still on the show, the source said nobody ever complained about her making more money because she was the star and is famous across the globe so that the show could be sold to other countries.

They further explained, "She was the centerpiece and was the only person to generate regular press coverage."

"The woman rallied around her and knew she deserved more compensation for the prestige and relevance she brought to the show."

But with a new person landing a seat at the table, the other co-hosts are bothered and questioning Jerry O'Connell's salary on the show.

Per the source, "To be paid less than a man does not sit well with any of the ladies, and there will be some serious conservations that will take place."

Elaine is already one of the advocates for equal pay and has spoken out about being a person of color being paid less. So the source believes she will ensure that she and the other women are correctly paid.

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What People Are Thinking of Jerry O'Connell As Sharon Osbourne's Replacement

Though "The Talk" team members believe that Jerry O'Connell is excellent at what he does, there are still many people on Team Sharon.

They think that he will never be "as marvelous as Sharon."

The same source explained how some staff members are hoping for the 68-year-old red-headed Brit to come back as the atmosphere hasn't been the same without her energy.

"It's as if a piece of a puzzle is missing and will never be the same again. Sharon was The Talk."

They also think Jerry wouldn't even compare to Mrs. O or even come close to what she has brought to the show, as she gave her entire heart and soul for almost a decade on "The Talk."

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