The wrath of a best friend lied to is to be taken seriously, especially one who's dealing with the stresses of getting married and just wants a good, honest opinion about her a dress she'd be wearing on the wedding date. This is shown in the July 24 episode of "Say Yes to the Dress." 

The bride, Stacey Lee, reportedly felt that her friends lied to her about what they thought of her reception dress. "Say Yes to The Dress" dropped an exclusive preview of the episode and it was clear that the bride had no qualms about confronting her friends about not being completely honest.

Lee is getting married to Ghost Brothers star Dalen Spratt, known to be an expert in hunting ghosts around the world and making a lucrative career out of it. In the sneak peek of Say Yes To The Dress, Stacey Lee also explained how she chanced upon the star. 

"Dalen and I met initially when we were in college, and then years passed by and we ran into each other and I saw him again," Stacey Lee shared (via Hollywood Life). "He was older and more mature, and I was going to hook him with someone that I knew. He responded back and said, 'Stacey, if you're not hooking me up with you then no thank you.'"

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Now that things have unfolded and she's about to marry the guy, Stacey can be seen wanting everything on that day perfect, starting with her reception dress. She already has the perfect ceremony dress, which is from Eve by Milady but also needs a reception dress.

Gone are the days when women wore their ceremony dress to their reception.

Stacey goes to Kleinfeld Bridal to find her reception dress. As can be seen in the clip, she says she wants her reception dress to be "just as stunning and just as sexy and gorgeous" as her ceremony dress.

To choose, she tried on several dresses. On the second one, which is worth $4,595, her friends all said they loved it. One however, ran her mouth and said she liked it better than the first. 

"I like that one way better than the first," Aikisha says. Stacey did not like that, because she has not heard Aikisha said anything bad about the first dress when she tried it on.

"Well, she didn't tell me that when I came out here the first time," Stacey says about Aikisha. Stacey then calls out her friend for this.

"You should have been honest when I first came out," Stacey tells Aikisha. 

Stacey herself did not like the 2nd one as much as her friends or Aikisha did though. She said it's just okay and pretty, but she's not excited about it.

The episode will drop on Saturday at 8pm on TLC. There's a good following of the show, since "Say Yes To The Dress" is already at season 20.

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