Despite being "relationship goals," Kate Middleton and Prince William's relationship certainly had a lot of downs in the past. During the days when they still do not have their precious three kids, it was revealed that their relationship has hit rock bottom so hard that William reportedly confided to his grandparents.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's second breakup is in the news once more.

By now, everyone should already have an inkling that this breakup was not an ordinary lovers' quarrel. It was reportedly described as almost making sure the world would not have Kate Middleton and Prince William as wife and husband right now, and there would also be no adorable Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

Now, a past report has resurfaced to remind everyone that the two did not have an easy time getting to where they are now. A report claimed that the second breakup was so bad that Prince William sought his grandparents and told them he was not sure he love Kate enough.

Even if they're married now, such tidbit is bound to be hurtful for those rallying for the two. 


Allegedly, after dating on and off for five years since they met in 2002, rumors have it that the two were already on their merry way towards a marriage. In particular, there was a gossip going around that  Prince William might finally propose to Kate on her 25th birthday on January 9. History would show that this did not happen. 

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It appeared as if Prince William had a bout of cold feet in popping the question because he was already unsure of his feelings for her.

Not only did he decided against proposing to his long-term girlfriend, he even managed to break up with her in April of that year.

Allegedly, Prince William started to think his feelings for Kate Middleton were gone and instead, he felt "claustrophobic." 

He realized he was wrong. The split only lasted for a few months and the pair were back together by July 2007.

According to a newly-resurfaced report by royal correspondent Camilla Tominey, William confided to his grandparents that he was not sure if he loved Kate enough, as reported by Express UK. This is why Queen Elizabeth interjected on the reconciliation and warned Prince William to decide already if he can be sure of his feelings for Kate from then on. 

"Now they are back together, the Queen wants William to do the right thing - either marry the girl or let her go," Tominey revealed. "She would rather they break up for good now than get married only to have it end in divorce in five years' time," she explained. 

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