Halsey has somehow publicly declare a war against the press. In a series of tweets, they vowed "#NoMorePress goodbye." But then they were deleted eventually, signaling a change of heart? What happened anyway?

Apparently, Halsey is hating on an Allure coverage. The singer has earlier on announced a preference for both "she" and "they" pronouns and she felt that the article did not fully respect this. Instead. Allure apparently stuck with feminine pronouns. 

They  also accused the magazine's cover story of her as "bastardizing" her experience of growing up biracial. 

The singer's declaration came just two days after they announced she gave birth to their firstborn child whom they gave the name, Ender Ridley.

Since the Internet is notorious about allowing deleted stuff to surface, Daily Mail UK was able to obtain the deleted tweets. 

Initially she tweeted, "hey @Allure_magazine. First your writer made a focal point in my cover story my pronouns and you guys deliberately disrespected them by not using them in the article."

They wrote another, which read, "Then your admin bastardized a quote where I discuss the privilege of being the white child of a black parent + intentionally used a portion that was the antithesis of the point I was trying to make."

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They then said that it's ironic that this happened because she even told the magazine ahead of time that she's already allergic to interviews. Yet, somehow Allure mucked this up and did no better than the others.

"All of this ironically on the tails of an article where I give your article the intimate admission that I hate doing press because I get exploited and misquoted. Do f***ing better....?," she tweeted.

For those who have read the Allure cover story of her, they can certainly see what might have set the singer off.

During her Allure interview Halsey allegedly referred to herself as being 'white passing' as the child of a black man and a white woman. She reportedly said that a lot of her experiences are being downplayed just because she presented herself as white. 

"No matter how many tears I've shed because I'm not connecting with my family or my culture in a way that I would like too, or because the waitress thinks I'm the babysitter when I go out with my family, none of that would compare to the tears that I would shed for presenting phenotypically black and the disadvantages and the violence that I would face because of that," they reportedly said and the magazine quoted. 

They reportedly said  'for sure' they have experienced advantages in life because they presented as white. 

Halsey has a powerful contention to make against the magazine, so it's unclear why the tweets were eventually deleted.


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