Prince Harry is said to be making big money at the expense of his Royal family, not once this time, but four times. 

It can be remembered that Radar Online reported that the Duke of Sussex, 36 collected a $15 million advance to spill his family secrets in an explosive tell-all book. 

While the said book is yet to come out, it already caused quite a ruckus among the royals, the media, and the public. Reactions were mixed, but one thing is clear, Prince Harry is truly said to be well on his way towards financial independence in America. 

According to a newest report however, this is not just one book. Prince Harry reportedly signed up for four total books, so three more are in the works. If he could fetch the same amount for each, then he'll be rolling in dough in no time, at the expense of his family. 

The second one is allegedly even slated to be after Queen Elizabeth's passing, Daily Mail UK reported

Queen Elizabeth's death has been repeatedly wrote about by media, usually in relation to the question of who will reign after and what changes can be expected of the monarchy if this happens. She is after all, presently the longest-reigning monarch and her passing could have great implications. 

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However, with this supposed deal, all her secrets may be at risk of being revealed. 

According to reports, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have cinched a deal that puts them on the hook to deliver four books, which means they could release more things that the palace want hidden forever to the public. 

If they can do so while the Queen is still alive, there might be no telling what they can do when the monarch is gone. 

Daily Mail's source explained, 'The final contract was actually for a four-book deal, with Harry writing one "when his granny dies". Meghan will write a wellness-type book and people are unsure what the fourth will be. But what is most shocking, frankly, is Harry's suggestion that the second book won't be published until the Queen is no longer here." 

'People [will] start asking 'what has he got, who is he going to target?' The very idea of this unexploded bomb, hanging about waiting for the Queen to pass, is just extraordinary and may strike many as being in very bad taste," the source added. 

Radar also learned that one of the four Harry's books is designed to release unprecedented amount of family dirt. If people are now shocked about what he has been saying ang wriing so far, they would see that this is nothing compared to what is set to come. 

"This book is going to make the Oprah interview look like the tip of the iceberg," a source revealed. "Harry is not getting a $15 million advance just because of who he is, he is getting it because he is going to tell everything," the insider explained. 

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