Who could ever forget Ellen DeGeneres returning to her show with an apology and an admission?

In Sept. 2020, the scandal-scarred host returned to US screens for the first time since the allegations emerged about a toxic workplace environment on the set of her Emmy award-winning show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

At the time, she confessed she is taking the situation and allegations very seriously and apologized to those affected.

Ellen even said there was an investigation that had led to the necessary changes being made.

But did things change behind the scenes on Ellen DeGeneres' show?

Is 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Still Has A Toxic Workplace Environment?

It's been one year since WarnerMedia launched an investigation into the daytime talk show after Ellen DeGeneres' "be kind" mantra was put into the spotlight and scrutinized further.

In May, it was announced that the upcoming 19th season of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will be the last.

A day after it was announced, Ellen told TODAY that the coverage of the alleged workplace misconduct scandal that plagued her show ahead of the 18th season felt "orchestrated."

Now, in a new interview, a source with direct knowledge about the show told Fox News that there had been a "slightly different environment" a year after the scandal exploded.

The source alleged, "There's now a structure."

After the investigation concluded, the source revealed that the Ellen employees felt "listened to initially."

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However, Ellen DeGeneres said that she still has trouble understanding the flack that came her away after over ten employees complained to Buzzfeed News about the cruel conditions and bad experiences working on her show.

And amid the scandal, the host allegedly felt that she was "dead meat," according to the source.

They alleged, "Ellen felt there was a slight chance she could turn things around this last season but she was unable to do that," referring to the dip in season 18 ratings.

A former crew member who worked on Ellen's sitcom in the 90s also recalled the host's confusion over the scandal in a recent interview. They think that the "Finding Dory" star hasn't fully assumed the responsibility.

The former staffer said, "I don't think that she'll ever admit to having done anything wrong," and went on to claim Ellen has an "ego so big that I don't think she's learned."

"I just want Ellen to understand what happened instead of saying it was 'orchestrated.' I think what the crew hopes more than anything is that she's learned you can't treat people like that."

Another former staff added, "Hopefully they start treating people a little better."

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