Meghan McCain may finally get a replacement on "The View" after announcing in early July that she is quitting the show after four years.

Now, the show is ready to ruffle some feathers as ABC executives consider Megyn Kelly to replace her.

Unfortunately, there's a catch.

An insider revealed to OK! magazine, "Megyn's name immediately came up because execs think she would generate a lot of buzz and boost ratings."

Kelly's morning show was canceled in 2018 after airing controversial comments on live TV, but that seems to be a good trait for whoever wants to join the chatfest.

The insider further explained of Kelly, "Her conservative opinions are often met with backlash, but producers need someone tough to stand up to liberals like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, which was what Meghan did."

Just before losing her previous gig, Megyn Kelly was making $23 million annually.

But she's already keeping herself busy, announcing that she will start a daily podcast on SiriusXM radio, "The Megyn Kelly Show."


The insider added, "So it's not like she needs the extra work. 'The View' bosses hope she'll be willing to wriggle in room for their show."

Now here's the catch. "The View" executives are going to cost them a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain is making $1 million annually for being a host on "The View," however, it's not that big compared to her co-host Whoopi Goldberg who is getting $8 million per year.

That's also a massive jump from Megyn Kelly's reported annual salary of $23 million.

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Meghan McCain Leaving 'The View'

Meghan McCain announced that her decision to leave "The View" after four years wasn't an easy decision to make.

She'll only be staying on until its current season ends in a few days.

McCain also told the audience and her co-hosts, "COVID has changed the world for all of us and it changed the way, at least for me, the way I am looking at life, the way I am living my life, the way I want my life to look like."

Bosses of "The View" and ABC network has reportedly begged for McCain to stay but to no avail.

A source told Page Six, "She said 'No - I'm done! I'm not staying anymore," despite offering her a contributor role on ABC News, which she also turned down.

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