"Jeopardy!" saw a new record soon after LeVar Burton joined the show.

Burton's fans surely tuned in on Monday's episode to see him spearhead the game show for the first time. But his first appearance on the show also became the center of people's attention after one of the contestants made a new record no one could feel proud of.

Patrick Pearce, a product specialist, joined the recent episode of the long-time running game series. He did not win the game, but he will surely be remembered as he garnered the lowest score a contestant ever recorded.

After the game, the California native ended with -$7,400. It broke the previous -$6,800 record made by Stephanie Hull during her appearance in March 2015.

Initially, Pearce garnered $200 only to lose it during the Double Jeopardy. Unfortunately, his negative number prevented him from joining the Final Jeopardy.

Despite the "not the proudest moment" the contestant had, internet users tried to lift everyone's mood and shared hilarious memes online.

One viewer said, "It seemed like they just grabbed Patrick Pearce off the street and forced him to compete on last night's Jeopardy."

"He would still beat me in a trivia contest. Just a "bad day at the office,'" another added.

More Spotlight For LeVar Burton

Pearce, unfortunately, took the spotlight Burton should have gained. However, the guest host still has four more episodes before he ends his stint.

The "Star Trek" star will lead the show until July 30.

During his first episode on the game show, he expressed how thrilled he feels after receiving a chance to host "Jeopardy!"

"I'm proud to be here to honor Alex's legacy. I'm going to do my best to ensure that these talented 'Jeopardy!' contestants enjoy their moment here as well," he said as quoted by CBS News.

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Meanwhile, he also addressed the opportunity in a video on "Jeopardy!" YouTube. Per Burton, he could not miss the chance when the opportunity came up.

His fans also support him in the newest phase in his life that they even launched a petition to ask the "Jeopardy!" creators to make him a permanent host.

On change.org's website, the "Make LeVar Burton the next host of Jeopardy!" already reached 259,000 signatures - only a few thousand away from the 300,000 goal. Still, this may not affect the executive's decision and choice once they find the perfect celebrity to host the show permanently.

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