It's not only the fans who find the reconcilation between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck quite precious. The two themselves just thought how great things turned out to be despite their failed romance the first time around. They are reportedly realizing that they are finally each other's true love. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez just had a great European vacation but both still cannot keep their minds and hands off each other. In fact, the two just might be even be more sweeter in the coming days or weeks after not just becoming IG official, but also because they realized that "this is it" for them. By it, the insider told Hollywood Life that this meant "true love."

They are beyond grateful that the universe has blessed them with "a second chance." 

According to the source, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have all the plans of continuing their relationship after returning from their European escapade.

They went on the trip together after months of speculating they are so back in eac other's lives to celebrate the music icon's birthday overseas.  The source explained, after "living up their lives in Europe," and having the "the best time relaxing, the couple made a crazy revelation: that "this may be it when it comes to true love."

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The two are said to be treating their relationship with care, perceiving it as another chance for them. This is why even though they are not just technically returning to each other's lives, this relationship feels really different now.  

Allegedly, the music legend, who have went through a slew of high-profile relationships before and after the first time she got together with Ben Affleck, reportedly loves no one like she loves the "Batman" star.

has "never loved anyone the way she loved Ben and he feels the same about her," the source revealed.
Reportedly, Ben and Jennifer are not having a hard time securing the support of their friends for this reconciliation. Whereas most friends would advise against getting back with an ex, both their friends believe that this "really could be it for them. It's like they picked up right where they left off and no time has passed for either of them." 

Their first round can be described as fast and furious. It barely lasted two years, but it was also quite a relationship because they reached the stage of getting engaged.

The two first began dating in 2002 after Lopez divorced from Chris Judd. In 2003, they were engaged already.  However, J.Lo and Ben postponed their wedding then and by 2004, they already called it quits. 

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