Heidi Montag, 34, hast gotten quite honest with her fans. The MTV star allowed herself to answer the incessant questions her fans have been asking in the viral 'Chopping Dance' TikTok trend on Saturday (July 31).

She did not hold back in one of the burning questions that people have for her - which is why she ever regretted her previous plastic surgery procedures.

 "Do you regret your plastic surgery?" the first question asked, to which Heidi, through dance moves, responded, "Sometimes."

She also posted the video on Instagram, but made sure that no one would trigger her by turning off the comments. 

She then answered two more questions and while the answers were not that surprising, they were still eye-opening because they were coming from her.

One of the two questions asked her if "everything" on her hit show The Hills "was fake." She revealed that "90 percent" of it was fake, which was a shocker. She even revealed that most of her fights with husband Spencer Pratt, 37 were faked.


The second of the two questions was related to her husband Spencer. If something is surprising about her life to date, it's the fact that she and Pratt are still together. So many fans of "The Hills" were really expecting them to break up soon enough.

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This is why Heidi was asked how she's kept "an amazing relationship" with her husband. "Laughter, honesty, respect, good communication, prioritizing each other, fun playful, God, true love," Heidi answered.

Heidi and Spencer, who in their glory days, were known was the tandem "Speidi," met and fell in love on "The Hills" in the mid-2000s. 
The two eventually tied the knot in 2009. They welcomed their first kid, son Gunner Stone, in 2017. Spencer and Hedid are now back in the reality television on "The Hills: New Beginnings," which is now on its second season on MTV. 

The two's love life was quite controversial through the years. But they appeared more happier than ever today. Spencer even once hinted that they are working on having a second child.

"No spoiler alerts but no baby yet," Spencer said PeopleTV's Reality Check in May.  He said that they have been "working as hard as possible at it" and that he realized that this is the "struggle in real life, reality." 

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