Bill Gates had finally spoken out about his cheating scandal and other surprising details that came out when he and his now ex-wife Melinda French Gates announced they were divorcing.

Two days after their divorce became official, the 65-year-old billionaire finally opened up about his feelings.

Speaking to CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," the Microsoft co-founder admitted he regrets cheating on his wife to have an affair with an employee despite it ending a long time ago.

Bill told Anderson, "I think everyone does (have regrets)," when asked what he thought about the situation.

"But it's a time of reflection and at this point I need to go forward. My work is very important to me."

Though the divorce would surely split their family, they reportedly plan on healing "as best" as they can and learn from what has happened.

He was also asked by the host how he was doing after his 21-year marriage to Melinda ended.

Bill responded, "Definitely a very sad milestone."

"Melinda is a great person and that partnership we had coming to an end is a source of great personal sadness."

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal last year after being booted off the Microsoft board of directors, Bill Gates admitted to having a prior romantic relationship with a colleague.

A spokesperson for the tech mogul said, "There was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably."

However, they confirmed that the transition to be off the board wasn't related to his affair.

In fact, they claim that Bill wants to focus more time on his philanthropy.


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Aside from his broken marriage to Melinda Gates, Bill also talked about his relationship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Anderson Cooper asked him whether he had concerns about hanging out with a man who was accused of serious crimes.

But Bill answered, "I had several dinners with him hoping that what he said about getting billions for philanthropy for global health through contacts that he had might emerge, when it looked like that wasn't a real thing, the relationship ended."

Bill also confessed how being associated with Epstein "was a huge mistake," but also said that there were more things we regretted doing too.

Bill and Melinda Gates Finalize Divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates have finally decided to divide their $130 billion estate, as they didn't sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

Though they finally are divorced, Melinda will reportedly continue to be co-chair of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill told Anderson, "We are communicating and working at the foundation, so that partnership we are going to try and continue."

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