The legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton passed away at the age of 62 on Wednesday, confirmed by his sister.

It was July 25 when Eaton was reported to be sent to the hospital after suffering a bad fall from his fight in Nashville, Tennessee. According to this article, he suffered from several broken fingers and damaged his hip during the fall. It's unknown if his passing is related to the earlier accident.

Bobby Eaton's older sister, Debbie Eaton Lewis, confirmed the news regarding his passing in a Facebook post. However, she did not reveal the reason for his death as of the moment. This news comes just a month after the tragic passing of Bobby's wife, Donna.

In the said post, "I never wanted to have to post this ,but my Little Brother Beautiful Bobby Eaton passed away last night. When I find out all the details, I will post them."

The sister, later on, flooded her Facebook page reminiscing the times when Bobby Eaton was alive. She even described him as "the kindest, loving person you would ever meet. I loved him so much and am going to miss him."

Bobby Eaton In The Wrestling Industry

Bobby Eaton is a former multi-time NWA United States Tag Team Champion, best known for his work as being a part of "The Midnight Express." Wrestling Inc. reported that under the management of Jim Cornette, he was firstly paired with "Lover Boy" Dennis Condrey and then later on, with "Sweet" Stan Lane.

The pro-wrestler was also a former multi-time WCW World Tag Team Champion with Arn Anderson. He has also held championships throughout NWA, WCW, Mid-Atlantic Championship, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

As reported by What Culture, while "The Midnight Express" was famed for their money-drawing runs against the "Rock 'n' Roll Express," Eaton has often been talked about by his peers as being one of the all-time great workers.

These even included heavy hitters like Steve Austin and Ric Flair, labeling Beautiful Bobby as one of the best to do it.

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Twitter Expresses Tribute To Pro Wrestler

Eaton wrestled for extended periods for various promotions such as Mid-America Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Association, WCCW, WCW, and more. The wrestler also had brief guest appearances for ECW and TNA.

As the news regarding his passing reached the Twitter community, numerous fans have already sent their messages to those who passed.

A friend of Bobby Eaton, who is also a wrestler, left a message on Twitter saying:

  Another from "​​Bad Boy" Joey Janela said his condolences attaching a video with Eaton on a match.

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