Lady Gaga's former dogwalker is now being mentioned in several news articles after setting up a GoFundMe.

Ryan Fischer used to walk the singer's French bulldogs around LA before a tragic incident that changed his life forever.

Fischer was doing his routine with Gaga's pets when he was shot from out of nowhere, TMZ reported.The robbers took the artist's two dogs, Koji and Gustav, while Ryan was left bleeding on the sidewalk, screaming for help.

The LA police department returned Lady Gaga's pets unharmed after arresting three suspects who were charged for attempted murder and dog heist.

Ryan Fischer's Aftermath

The traumatic dognapping experience happened in February 2020, and now the retired dogwalker is asking the public for help.

In a video he posted on YouTube, Ryan Fischer had shared everything that happened during that time of his life and what he's doing to move on from it.

Aside from the physical injuries he obtained from the incident, he also suffers from emotional and mental wounds. According to Daily Mail, Ryan had set up crowdfunding through GoFundMe to pay for his expenses.

Since he decided that the road to his healing is "exploring this country while seeking out communities that support the process of growing from trauma."

This had been a challenge for Ryan after the van he uses to travel had broken down, and the $500k financial reward he received from Gaga has now depleted.

As of this article's writing, the "On the Road with Ryan Fischer, Dogwalker" fundraiser has reached $3,393 out of its 40,000 dollar goal.

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Twitter Disappointed with Lady Gaga

Twitter did not react kindly to the news of Lady Gaga's former dogwalker having to gather funds after almost losing his life.

"Lady Gaga can't throw some bucks his way for risking his life to save her dogs? Let him chill in peace? Dang. That's cold," said one fan.

  While others were unaware of the money Gaga already gave Ryan, "Am I missing something, he almost died fighting for her dogs and now he is broke??? She should have given him a huge payout!!! WTF???"

"How is this possible that you have not taken care of this man!? At least give him the reward money and get him treatment."

  "$40K is a drop in the bucket for someone who almost died for your dogs. Do the right thing, @ladygaga, help him out. Please," said one account.

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