Former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson's solo album rumors might get in the way of the band's 10th-anniversary celebration.

The fandom made many commotions on social media as they trended "Little Mix Is Coming" on Twitter.

The influx of tweets was triggered by Little Mix themselves as they shared a snippet of what their fans think is a teaser for new music.

The post was captioned "Thursday," with a white heart emoji which Mixers anticipate hints at new, fresh music within the week.

  According to sources, fans also assumed that the new logo previewed as the clip's thumbnail is beginning a new era.

The video included pictures of the original members from their pre-debut "X Factor" days, concerts they did together, and every music video they released. The post itself seemed to be a tribute to the ten years of friendship and music that the band has built.

Jesy Nelson's New Chapter

Jesy Nelson, who decided to part ways with Little Mix in December 2020, is gearing up for a solo comeback. The former member had announced her comeback earlier than Little Mix, but fans have been pointing out how shady it is.

The star had posted this video with the caption, "The next chapter..." featuring behind-the-scene clips of her upcoming music video.

The Sun revealed that Jesy signed a deal with American music label Republic Records who also handles Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

The article also mentioned a possible collaboration with Nicki Minaj in Nelson's upcoming album to boost her American debut further.

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Fans React to "Little Mix VS Jesy" Drama

For hours, mixers have been on Twitter discussing the drama between Little Mix and Jesy's overlapping music releases.

"Not Little Mix announcing a new era the same week Jesy teases her solo debut," said one fan who can't wait for the showdown.

  This fan replied to people defending Jesy, "Um hello it's little mix's spotlight not Jesy's. She could always choose another date to release to show her respect still towards the girls."

Some fans are being shady themselves, "Not at some of you thinking jesy is gonna come and blow little mix out the water with her single."

  "Jesy releasing her solo on little mix's 10th anniversary? After the sacrifices they made for her garlic breath ass? OFF WITH HER HEAD," one aggressive fan tweeted.

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