A Pakistani woman, who regularly posts content on TikTok, is making headlines after a video circulated online wherein she can be seen being harassed by hundreds of men.

According to The Independent, the unnamed woman already filed a complaint with Lorry Adda police station against the crowd in the video.

The woman can be seen being pulled, thrown in the air, and men tore off her clothes. (watch the video below)

According to her complaint quoted by Dawn News, as reported by Hindustan Times, the woman is celebrating Independence day with six of her friends.

They went to the monument to film a video for the momentous occasion. However, an estimated 300 to 400 men started attacking the group cornering the woman.

As she tried to stand up, more men had pushed and made her cramped in the middle. A young boy wearing green can also be seen joining the crowd as he throws an unidentified object at the woman.

The woman clarified that she tried to resist and get away many times, but "the crowd was huge," and more people have been coming towards them.

In addition, several people tried to help her, but the unidentified men continued to throw her in the air. Aside from being "assaulted violently," her friends were also violated as one of her companion's phone and ID were snatched.

Authorities have not found the people's identities in the video, but a case has been registered for assaulting and stealing. According to Sajid Kiyani, the incident will be "brought within the ambit of the law."

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Viral Video Causes Internet Uproar

After the video was shared multiple times all over social media, many users were outraged at how the crowd treated the woman.

"A woman in Lahore was assaulted, harassed and stripped naked by hundreds of men all at once. What could compel every man there to act like a monster? Then you say it's "not all men"?" one wrote.

"Deeply disturbed at the harassment of a young woman & her companions by hundreds of people at Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore. What is more worrying is the direction our society is headed in. The recent anti-women incidents are a reminder that malaise is deep-rooted. Very Shameful!" Shehbaz Sharif, leader of the opposition in the national assembly, wrote.

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