Josh Duggar is currently facing two federal charges relating to possessing and receiving child porn. 

He is currently out on bail and preparing for his trial, which is happening in November.

But Duggar has recently scored himself a small win.

 A judge ordered the prosecutors taking on the former TLC star's case over his alleged disturbing collection to hand over evidence ahead of his trial.

The 33-year-old reportedly downloaded computer files showing child sex abuse on May 14, 15, and 16, 2019. 

Duggar was arrested this April following the investigation and pleaded not guilty in court. He must stay with third-party custodians, Lacount and Maria Reber as he awaits his upcoming trial. 

In court documents obtained by Radar, the judge granted a motion brought by Duggar and his lawyers over the discovery. 

They had been complaining about the government failing to give materials they planned to use the trial.

The news exploded that federal agents confiscated a laptop, a computer, and Duggar's cell phone and claimed that these shreds of evidence prove that Duggar was the person downloading the disturbing child photos and videos. 

According to Little Rock Police Department Detective Amber Kalmer, based on records, two Arkansas police departments were also conducting investigations into the dissemination of the same materials while she was performing her investigation of Duggar. 

The government told the court that the three police officers downloaded the duplicate files from the same IP address within minutes of each other. Still, because of the unrelated investigations, only Kalmer and not the two police departments contacted HIS Special Agent Faulkner so he could pursue a federal investigation of the downloads. 

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But despite the government telling Duggar the police departments had no records, he is still demanding they give him the information about the kind of work they have done. 

Per the former reality star's lawyer, Jonesboro Police Department and Ozark Police Department may contain the kind of information that would help him fight the charges. 

Lucky for Josh Duggar, the judge sided with him and ordered the government to hand the task list and get the logs on his devices to the defense. 

Though it may seem like a long shot, he and his team are willing to do and try anything. After all, he is facing years of jail time if convicted. 

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