Jennifer Garner is reportedly worried about her husband Ben Affleck, who is non-stop partying and out and about with his current girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. 

In April, Affleck and Lopez romantically reconciled after more than 15 years of ending their engagement. 

The two started dating and even married other people, with Lopez marrying Mark Anthony, then later getting engaged to former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. At the same time, Affleck was married to Garner and then later started dating Ana de Armas.

Meanwhile, Life & Style magazine claims that the "Alias" actress thinks her ex-husband, who's also the dad of her three kids, is at risk of relapsing because of his activities with JLo. 

Last month, the Hollywood couple was spotted having drinks at a bar while they celebrated the "Hustlers" actress's 52nd birthday.

After her party was done, a source claimed that the "Batman v. Superman" actor was pictured gambling at a casino without Lopez. 

Per the outlet's source, "The gambling, being around alcohol - those are huge concerns." 

Ben Affleck has casually talked about his life-long battle with alcohol addiction, even saying that his alcoholism led to his biggest regret in life. 

The insider also revealed that Garner does support Affleck and Lopez's rekindled romance, but she doesn't like how Lopez is exposing Affleck to all the things he is supposed to avoid in his life. 

They said, "The last thing Jen wants is for all of Ben's hard work to end in another relapse."

"She made it clear through mutual contacts that she wants JLo to be aware of certain things."

Jennifer Lopez reportedly knows why her boyfriend's ex-wife is worried. 

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The insider explained that the "Daredevil" actor already talked to his girlfriend about his life struggles. They are both planning on ensuring that he won't relapse, especially now that they're together. 

In actuality, there is no problem with Lopez, Affleck, and Garner because they are all on the same page - keeping Ben Affleck sober. 

However, there is no proof that Affleck went gambling after Lopez's birthday celebration. Perhaps he was only having a wonderful time. 

Ben Affleck publicly opened up about one of the reasons that led to his divorce from Jennifer Garner was his alcoholism. Everybody knew about it, so it's also possible that Jennifer Lopez knows what her boyfriend has been through and wouldn't want to jeopardize Affleck's progress.

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