Allyssa Brooke's 17-year old son was reportedly attacked in school and sustained major injuries as a result. Brooke is said to be heartbroken over what happened and shocked that such incident is even considered cool by some teens.

The incident reportedly happened on school grounds. Nick Brooke was allegedly participating in a basketball game when it all went down. According to The Sun, the teen was headed towards the basket hoop with the ball when he was suddenly tackled.

The students who witnessed the situation unfold recorded the video footage of the attack and spread it on social media. In the clip, one opposing team member can be seen forcefully shoving Allyssa's son to the ground.

Brooke attempted to get up after he got knocked down and looked ready to confront his attacker. However, before the teenager could stand, he was violently punched in the face by a different person.

Nick Brooke's Injuries

The doctor in charge of Nick's recovery had included severe concussion and whiplash as some of his injuries. The medical staff had to check the boy for internal bleeding after finding out a baseball-sized lump on the back of his head.

The most concerning injury was to his jaw, as it was broken in three different places and was strewn shut for six weeks. The "Stranger Things" actress had shared that she had spent his son's 17th birthday feeding him through a syringe.

Daily Mail reported that Allyssa shared the x-ray scans of Nick's jaw before and after it was wired shut on her Instagram account.

Brooke and her husband, Robbie Cox, created a GoFundMe to pay for their medical bills, which have already garnered over $50,000.

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Allyssa Brooke's Petition

Allyssa Brooke reportedly felt horrified in the aftermath of it all. According to her, she was shocked to read some teenaagers even applauded her son getting beat up. She also lamented the fact that most of the teens at the incident just became mere bystanders.

"I don't expect everybody to be a hero and run in to save the day if that's not your style. But to laugh and applaud, and cheer, that's not humanity," Brooke said to 11Alive.

The situation had triggered the actress to establish a petition under titled "Create a Code of Ethics for Students Attending Public Schools." 

As the campaign reached 9,300 signees, Allyssa had called upon the Department of Education to cater to the request.

Nick's assailant, who damaged his jaw, was charged with juvenile assault, while other involved individuals did not receive any punishment.

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